Exclusive shoot with Black Blooded

Posted on August 3, 2012 at 4:25 PM

*The Camera pops up showing Michael P. S. hayes sitting in a soft black office chair, he is facing Black Blooded, also in Office chairs, both men wearing suit jackets and t-shirts over their jeans. In between them is a small table with 3 glasses of what appear to be rum, next to the glasses is a large bottle of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, with aboutt 1/2 missing. The air is smokey from Hayes' cigar, which he constantly holds in one hand, even using it to gesture as he speaks*

Michael P.S. Hayes: Hello everyone and welcome to the newest webshow from HWA, Beyond the Ring. I'm your host, Michael P.S. Hayes, and in this series we will give you uncut, uncencored behind-the-scenes interviews with some of HWA's hottest talent. Joining us this week, they are the first ever ICW Tag Team Champions, vincent "Mr. Blood" May and his partner of over 15 years, Xavier "Mr. Black" Hannigan. Gentlemen, thank you for joining us here on our debut episode.


Blood: Glad to be here Michael


Black: Indeed, always love being the first to try out a new concept.


Hayes: Now I know a thing or two about successful tag teams, and living the rockstar dream with a friend, but why don't you guys tell me what it's like for you? You grew up together, got in the business together and pretty much havent had a full year go by where you weren't teamed up, and I must say, teamed up to fantastic effect.


Blood: Thanks for that, coming from you that is a huge compliment. Like you said, we grew up together, hell we were both raised in the same RV park, and have been best friends since we were 8


Black: I remember the day we met, you hopped off your daddy's bike, walked over and said to me "Damn you're a big boy, do you eat all your vegatables?"


*all 3 guys burst into laughter, taking a few minutes to calm back down*


Blood: well you have to admit, even then you were the biggest kid on the block.


Black: Well that's true.


Blood: Anyway, from that day on we became friends. We've had each other's back growing up in one of the worst environments in the country, and that brotherhood and sense of family is really what I think makes us successful today. As far as going to work every day with your best friend? It's the coolest thing ever. I mean we have the best job in the world, we make a lot of money to do it.


Black: I still can't believe they pay us to do this.


Blood: *Laughs* me either.


Black: Knowing that no matter what happens, no matter what company I am starting in, that I have at least one guy who I can call a friend. Not to mention having someone to split the beer tab with. It really eases a lot of the stress. We split up who handles what, or at least we did back before we recruited Vivica.


Hayes: Ah yes, that is one hot little biscuit, what is your relationship to her like?


Black: What you see is what you get there.


Hayes: You lucky bastard. So when Vivica got on board what changed?


Blood: well she may not act like it on-screen but she has an incredible administrative mind, she is our actual manager and agent, handles all of our business arangements, travel, lodging, everything. She even helps schedule Black and I for the Gym.


Black: Life has gotten a lot easier once we hired her, thats for damn sure.


Hayes: Does she go out and part with you guys?


Black: Most of the time she stays in, we can be a bit rowdy when the booze is flowing, and it's not really the place for a lady.


Hayes: If you guys drink anything like the Freebirds did, I can imagine


Blood: I don't drink that much, Black has a hollow leg or something I swear, man drinks obscene amounts of booze and barely feels anything.


Black: It takes a lot of fuel to get an engine this big humming.


Hayes: How did you guys come up with your names?


Black: We flipped for em *laughs* seriously though I've had people calling me Mr. Black most of my life, after a while I guess I started to figure that was my name.


Blood: Hell, I've been called Blood for over 20 years now, can't tell you how that got started, but it fits.


Hayes: what about your team name, Black Blooded?


Black: Well we wanted to do something that used both of our names, but also kind of allude to being a monster. Like a giant, black blooded beast that's hunting you down.


Hayes: well it certainly gets a reaction, that's for sure. Black We did get a question in here from someone asking what is under your mask?


Black: Skin,, bones and muscle? *Laughs* Well I guess after that poor intern freaked someone was going to ask.


Blood: funny story, he wasn't even supposed to be there, damn intern got mixed up trying to head over to Divine's room or something. Poor guy spent the rest of the night in shock.


Black: Yeah, that'll happen. Hell I've worn a mask for so long now I can only barely remember what my face was like before I needed it.


Hayes: What happened there?


Black: Well when we were kids we used to race bikes a lot, and I skidded out and basically rode 300 yards on my face, my helmet had cracked like an eggshell.


Blood: You were a mess, I remember how pissed off you were when you woke up, that dirtbike was trashed.


Black: Yeah, that was back when we were about 16, and I was collecting wrestling masks from Japan at the time, so I just started wearing them, and then when we got the money together I had this beauty made.


Hayes: Do you ever take the mask off?


Black: Not as much, I tend to forget I'm even wearing it anymore. It's become a part of me.


Hayes: That's cool, but kinda creepy. Look I gotta ask, you both have been on both episodes of Total Resistance so far, who do you think really has a shot there.


Black: I'd say Cien, that man is a beast and a really hard worker.


Blood: yeah, hell we'd gladly have him join us.


Black: Another one to watch out for is Mike Hawk, I've worked with him personally a lot in ICW and he is the real deal. Man is a hell of an athelete.


Blood: Yeah, you know whenever you are matched with Hawk you gotta step your game up a lot, or it's going to be a long, long night. The Battles that we have had in ICW have been legendary and really pushed both of us to our limits.


Black: Yeah, that guy is going to be up there, he's gonna have people talking about him like they do Tommy Thunder, mark my words


Hayes: Well, that's all the time we have for tonight, Gentlemen, I want to thank you both for stopping by.


Black: Always a pleasure to chat with another tag team legend


Hayes: You guys are good, but you aint legends yet


Blood: Not yet, but someday we're gonna be.

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Reply Eddie
5:48 PM on August 3, 2012 
Oh my gahd! It's like...they're real people!